Introducing #MyKindaChurch

I’m so excited. SO EXCITED! *On the 12th day of Christmas, I get to give to you…”

A new blog project!

It’s a collaboration between Saying Grace and #DecolonizeLutheranism that we’re calling #MyKindaChurch.

It all started when my friend Elle Dowd put this little gem out there in her facebook status:

“I want the kind of Church where messy girls (like me) with no bra and smudged make-up and big sunglasses, carrying their heels in hand after Saturday Night can show up Sunday morning at church the Morning After. No matter how they felt about the night before.”

A conversation started up in the comments.

“I want a church where…”

You can almost start filling in the blanks, right?

It turns out that folks out there are hungry for a church that lives up to its promises. A church where they don’t feel judged. A church where they can find community, and hear good news that makes a real difference in their lives, and where they can make a difference for others, too.

What started with that lil’ facebook conversation has turned into an ongoing listening project, and now we’re inviting you to join.

We’re asking lots of people the question “what kind of church do you want?” and collecting the answers over at The voices are diverse. Just a sample:

“Black; Radical; Happy; Mischievous; Rebellious.”

“Loyal; Impatient; Passionate; Kittenophile; Justice-seeker”

“Not playing by rules anymore”

Their dreams are diverse, too. Some of them I see come true at my real life church every week. Some of them don’t look like the church as I’ve only seen it in my dreams. Some of them don’t look like church at all. When we approach these visions with openness, each has something to teach us.

Tomorrow is Epiphany, the day when we celebrate the magi who came from far away lands to worship the Christ child. It’s an appropriate time, I think, the celebrate the gifts that folks from all different perspectives bring to us as the Church. These dreams, whether we share them or not, are gifts. They are gifts of honesty; gifts of pain and hope; gifts of faith in what God has called us to.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be sharing one dream a day, and we invite you to join the conversation. Submit your own idea of what the church could be; you can do it right on the tumblr page. Share and comment. Put on your dreaming hat and join us in the holy space of listening.

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