An Inauguration Day Prayer

Well Lord, today arrived. A day filled with anxiety and anticipation. Fear and forbearance. A day like any other and yet so unlike any other that we are confused and scared, yet hopeful and praying. God, we call to you today, praying for ourselves and our neighbors. For those we don’t know and even for those we may not like. Lord, be with us this day.

God of light. We call to you from the darkness. Show us the way. Help us to remember your light within us. Help us to resist the urge to hold our light too closely, to grasp it to our chests and not want to share it with others. Lord, we know your light can shine through us – help us to open ourselves up, to reach out and share our light with others.

God of protection. Keep us safe. All of us. Watch over our brown, black, white, male, female, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, straight, LGBTQIA+ bodies. Protect us from violence, corruption, unkindness, anger, vitriol, self-righteous acts, and vulgarity. Show us ways to be kind and protect one another in this age of uncertainty and fear.

God of strength. Help us to lift up our neighbors. Show us those who are hurting and carrying heavy burdens among us. Give us the strength to help with their load, to take the weight off of their backs, to help them with the journey.

God of hope. Be with us. Help us to remember that you are with us and ultimately in control. When times are hard and life gets scary, Lord, remind us of our heavenly home. Give us hope for a brighter future, one where people are accepted as the Children of God you have created them to be.

God of peace. We need you now more than ever. Bring our hometowns, country, and world together. For so long we have been divided. And it feels like we are now divided more than ever. Bring your peace. Push us to work with those who differ from us, help us to see our enemies in a new light, and work with us to find peace for this world.

God of patience. This is the hardest prayer today. There is so much unknown in our world right now and it is easy to jump to frightening conclusions. We find ourselves praying for others to fail. Help us to find the healthy balance of keeping people accountable, being watchdogs for the rights of our brothers and sisters, while also giving people a chance to rise above. Lord, we know we are not defined by our worst sins and neither are our brothers and sisters.

God of remembrance. You have a calling for us. We are each made in your image with a purpose in this world. Help us to remember why we are here and to seek ways to make our cities, states, countries, and world a better place. Remind us that the smallest acts can have the largest impact. Keep our callings alive in our hearts and show us the ways in which we are called to make a difference.

God of grace. Help us to walk in your ways. It is not an easy path Lord, and we know there will be times when we slip. Grant us grace in our shortcomings and help us to remember that your grace extends to all. Help us to be agents of grace, extending love and comfort to those around us when they are hurting.

And finally, God of love. Extend your joy to us. Remind us to sing praises in your name and to seek the best in our fellow humans. We are able to show love, Lord, because you first showed it to us. Help us to remember that that love extends beyond our bodies and flows out into the world. Let us be agents of your love and in all things, let us show that love to others.

As we walk through the days, weeks, months, and years ahead, Lord, be with us. Remind us to continue praying for your light, protection, strength, hope, peace, patience, remembrance, grace, and love. Help us to not be afraid and to stand up for what is right not only for ourselves, but also for our neighbors.

Lord, be with us, now and forever.
This we pray in Jesus’ name.

2 comments on “An Inauguration Day Prayer

  1. Amen! Thank you for this, Kelley. It’s what I need today.

  2. Amen. Thank you Kelley.

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