Here’s What #MyKindaChurch Looks Like…


I’ve always been a dreamer when it comes to the church, but I’m finding that this project–these people–are changing my dreams.

I want a church where I can keep listening to these people.

I want a church where I can hear them speak words of grace and power to me, and where I ponder the mystery of faith with them. I want a church where me and Vern and Jessica and Matthew and Shaivaughn can all know ourselves to be beloved, where we can be healed where our souls are slashed open, and where we can all deliver God’s healing to someone else. I want a church where not everyone looks like me, or thinks like me, or talks like me. I want a church where people will call out my bullshit, and then love me anyways. I want a church where we let what we believe transform how we live, and where we let how we live transform the world.

I want a church that really is the body of Christ in the world. Where difference is a gift. Where Chelsea serves her community and Jenny’s scarlet letter falls right off and where Kate brings her questions and Francisco brings his friends and Drew brings their holy anger. I want a church where Elle revels in mystery and where Kelly and her stilettos runs the place.

I want to learn what it means to follow Jesus from these people. I want to live right in the middle of the messy ambiguity of it.

I got to experience a precious slice of that church last night. We met at the bar. We sang, and invited God’s presence, and listened to poetry, and listened to each other. We made art, preached the sermons of our own stories, and dreamt together. Last night, the bar was holy ground. It was Church.

And now I’m thirsty for more.

What about you?

What’s your kinda church? Please share in the comments!


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