Saying Grace at TEDx

A few months ago I did a stupid thing: I submitted a proposal to give a TEDx talk. About Jesus.

And the conference organizers did an even stupider thing: they accepted it.

It’s a strange thing to get up on a secular stage, alongside people talking about work-life balance and sports ethics and preach the Gospel. It felt scandalous. Kind of inappropriate. The conference organizers assured me. “It will be controversial,” they said, “but in a good way.”


I knew I couldn’t pretend to be an expert and get away with it, so I did the only thing I could: I spoke from my heart.

Here it is.

I want this to start a conversation. Let’s start here: what in this talk rings true for you? And what do you wish I had said?

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2 comments on “Saying Grace at TEDx

  1. Loved being there in person and love rewatching it again! Well done, Bethany.

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