Saying Grace came about because we were hungry. It wasn’t a hunger which could be satisfied with a snack or a single meal. It was a hunger which required a never ending feast of community, spirit, grace, radical social justice and—above all—love. But where could we go to feed that hunger? Where in the Church could we go to tell us how to nourish that kind of need? As followers of Christ, we know a lot about what we SHOULD do. Our faith tells us we should help the poor, fight racism, consume less, promote equality, and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Like a church potluck, mainstream Christianity offers us a little taste of this and a small helping of that when it comes to living in global community. It’s not hard to find a one­off sermon or a bible study on how Jesus and the Spirit call us to be stewards of peace. But where do you go if you want to feast off radical faith and its fruits All. The. Time? We know belief does not automatically equal action. So how do we get from caring to doing? And what does the Christian tradition have to offer this endeavor? We want to find out, and we’re inviting you to find out with us.

Welcome to Saying Grace. We’re not your usual church potluck.



kelley picture

Kelley Jepsen

Kelley has enjoyed a quiet and personal faith for the past 20 odd years. She is excited for the opportunity to begin sharing her theology and passion for social justice with others. She enjoys music, cooking, being creative, planning events, watching trashy reality television and drinking a good Malbec. She is currently studying at Luther Seminary and an Inquirer for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA).



katie picture-01-01Katie Langston
Katie is a doubter by nature and a believer by grace. She grew up in a close­knit college town in Northern Utah and still isn’t sure she fits in anywhere large enough to have a Target. She now lives in St. Paul, MN, where she works as the Director of Community Engagement at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, is pursuing an M.Div. at Luther Seminary, and is a candidate for ordination in the ELCA. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two little girls, taking day trips, and watching the handful of television programs she can’t live without.



Maggie Picture-01-01Maggie Andersen Peterson

Maggie is a proud ELCA Lutheran, born and raised. She managed to ignore her call for most of her life until her job at a criminal defense firm pushed her to pursue her passion for ministering at the intersection of the church and social justice issues. She currently attends Luther Seminary and loves adventurous eating, watching East Asian dramas and cartoons, and hanging out with her husband and cat.



Bethany-Headshot-300x300-01Bethany Ringdal

Bethany loves talking theology, wearing skirts, growing and cooking food, canoeing, praying with her neighbors, and following Jesus. She is excited to be a part of the vibrant, counter­cultural future of the church. She is currently a student at Luther Seminary and a candidate for ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.